Streamlined compounding with
safer, automated solutions

Improve compounding efficiency while protecting your health.

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Safer, more accurate, and no room for errors

Improve compounding efficiency while
protecting your health.

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EQUASHIELD offers the only fully-closed solution, designed to ensure staff and patient safety while compounding and administering hazardous drugs.

Mundus Mini HD significantly reduces the risk of errors attributable to the compounding process. By integrating embedded cameras, machine vision, and AI, it provides enhanced traceability, reporting, and verification of dose accuracy.

The EQUASHIELD CSTD system mitigates the risk of contamination, prioritizing pharmacist safety when handling hazardous drugs. Backed by peer-reviewed research, it effectively eliminates both environmental and plunger contamination, ensuring the highest standards of safety and reliability.

The Mundus Mini HD supercharges your efficiency, delivering up to an impressive 37 individual doses per hour and meeting your compounding needs while saving valuable labor resources.

Full compliance with regulatory requirements. FDA Cleared under ONB Code, CE Certified.

Eliminate Dosage Errors

The Mundus Mini HD features embedded cameras, machine vision, and an advanced AI engine, working together to automate the compounding process while enhancing the accuracy and safety of every dose. This powerful combination effectively prevents errors from occurring during the production process.

Leveraging EQUASHIELD’s unique CSTD, this compact yet powerful solution streamlines the handling hazardous drugs. It minimizes the risks of contamination, exposure, and medication errors, guaranteeing utmost safety for healthcare professionals.

No vapor. No contamination.
Completely safe.

Improve staff and patient safety by preventing vapor and contamination during drug transfer. Protect your pharmacist staff with the safest compounding and dispensing practices.

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Unleash the Power
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Superior Safety
& Ease of Use

/  Covers more routes of exposure than alternative systems

/  The most closed CSTD on the market

/  Dry connectors prevent drug residue, spills, leaks and needle sticks

/  Faster and easier to use

Your Skills

The EQ Academy page offers advanced insights into the safe handling of hazardous drugs. Featuring an array of engaging blogs, how to videos, tutorials, podcasts and more.

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/ Streamline pharmacy processes

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