EQUASHIELD’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) statement.


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Employees and Community

At EQUASHIELD, we are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and supportive workplace that extends beyond our organization to positively impact the community around us. We believe in upholding values that promote equal opportunities, respect for all individuals, and meaningful engagement with the societies we operate in. 
Diversity is not just a goal, but a reality at EQUASHIELD. Our workforce comprises 28% Arabs, 2% individuals with disabilities, and a strong representation of women, with 54% of our employees being women. This diversity enriches our perspectives, encourages creativity, and promotes a culture of mutual respect and understanding.    

Our calendar of holidays and vacations is designed to respect and honor the religious observances of our diverse workforce, ensuring that all employees can celebrate their special occasions without any hindrance.

We maintain active partnerships with both business and non-profit organizations and local councils, to actively engage and recruit workers from underemployed populations, specifically from the Arab sector. Additionally, our ongoing collaboration has led to the employment of employees with disabilities, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities.   
Our dedication to the community extends beyond our office walls. By actively participating in local initiatives councils, we contribute to the economic empowerment of the Arab sector and other underrepresented communities, thereby fostering positive social change.   
Our association with local NGOs serves as a testament to our belief in the potential of individuals with disabilities. By providing meaningful employment opportunities, we not only contribute to their financial independence but also promote a more inclusive society.
EQUASHIELD actively engages in collaborations and partnerships aimed at addressing societal challenges. From supporting local charities to participating in events, supporting local hospitals and volunteering programs, we strive to create a positive and lasting impact on the communities we touch. 
We understand the importance of raising awareness and educating our employees about various social and community issues. Through regular workshops and volunteering opportunities, we encourage our team members to actively contribute to the betterment of society. 

Environmental Responsibility

At EQUASHIELD, we recognize the vital importance of environmental sustainability and are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint. Through a comprehensive range of initiatives and practices, we are dedicated to fostering a greener future for our planet.

We actively work towards reducing electronic waste by implementing robust recycling programs. Our commitment to responsible e-waste disposal ensures that outdated electronics are properly recycled, minimizing their impact on the environment.

Our work environment adheres to the guidelines set forth by green building standards. This commitment ensures that our facilities are designed and operated in an eco-friendly manner, promoting energy efficiency and reduced resource consumption.
In our pursuit of reduced environmental impact, we have transitioned our company’s vehicles, including leased ones, to an electric fleet. We have also installed electric vehicle charging stations to support the growth of sustainable transportation options.
Our stringent protocols for handling hazardous materials ensure that these substances are managed, stored, and disposed of safely, preventing harm to both our employees and the environment.
EQUASHIELD collaborates with local organizations to recycle plastic waste. By diverting approximately 3 tons of plastic residues per month, we contribute to the creation of raw materials suitable for various industries, thereby promoting a circular economy.
Our commitment to energy conservation is reflected in our infrastructure choices. Thick concrete walls and rock wool insulation ensure excellent thermal efficiency, while energy-efficient VRF air conditioning systems and motion-detector-controlled lighting and air conditioners optimize energy consumption.

We harness the power of natural lighting through the strategic placement of windows and employ electric blinds that adapt to external light conditions. Our emphasis on efficient resource utilization extends to recycling cooking oil and installing Dyson faucets in bathrooms, which minimize water and soap consumption.

In our production processes, we employ compressed air systems with high energy efficiency. This approach reduces energy waste and promotes responsible resource management.

Our new packaging design is based on recycled carton materials, as well as biodegradable ink for labeling (instead of paper labels which were used before). Reinforcing our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Our new packaging design is based on recycled carton materials, as well as biodegradable ink for labeling (instead of paper labels which were used before). Reinforcing our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

I believe corporations have a critical role to play in the most impactful issues of our time including climate change, environment, human rights, social equity and racial justice. The challenge is huge, but with collective efforts we can do it. Naturally, the field of medical devices has an impact on the health and lives of people, and therefore, it necessitates a great deal of financial and ethical responsibility.

I am fortunate to do work that feeds my heart while building business success.

Lihi Goldenberg

General Counsel, Head of ESG

Lihi Goldenberg Equashield

Supply Chain Responsibility

At EQUASHIELD, we recognize the profound impact that our supply chain decisions can have on both the global community and local economies. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical sourcing, environmental sustainability, and support for local businesses. Through responsible procurement practices, we aim to drive positive change and contribute to the betterment of society.
We hold ourselves accountable for the well-being of not only our direct employees but also those of our contractors. Our procurement policy goes beyond the traditional norms, encompassing ethical considerations, environmental standards, support for local small businesses, and a commitment to the principles of social responsibility.
We hold ourselves accountable for the well-being of all individuals involved in our supply chain. Our procurement practices emphasize ensuring fair and just working conditions for contractor employees, ensuring that they are treated ethically and with respect, in accordance with established labor standards
Our procurement policy extends beyond financial considerations. We actively incorporate ethical aspects and environmental quality into our decision-making process, thereby encouraging responsible sourcing practices and contributing to a healthier planet.
EQUASHIELD is dedicated to promoting economic growth and sustainability in our surrounding communities. Our procurement policy prioritizes engagement with local small businesses, helping to stimulate local economies and create a positive ripple effect that benefits all stakeholders.
We are proud to support businesses from peripheral areas and/or the regions where our company sites are located. By allocating 3% of our procurement to these businesses, we contribute to the economic development of these communities and help create opportunities for growth.
EQUASHIELD is committed to advancing social equality. With 48% of our purchases dedicated to local businesses, we actively promote and support enterprises owned by individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities.