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Safety in your hands — and in their paws

Like all healthcare workers, veterinarians are at risk of exposure to hazardous drugs while providing care for our closest companions.

Unlike those who care for humans, veterinary staff are often tasked with handling hazardous materials in open environments. For those without a compounding hood, our closed-back CSTD provides safety and peace of mind.



Assessing the Efficiency of

CSTDs for Compounding and Administration

Ensuring the safe handling of hazardous drugs must be a primary concern for every health care worker who comes into contact with these medications. Given the inherent risk involved in administrating hazardous drugs, a fully closed system provides healthcare workers with protection and peace of mind.



A fully preassembled syringe with welded connector eliminates a need for additional setup and a traditional syringe. Our syringe prevents accidental luer disconnections to avoid spills and exposure. The plunger rod can never be detached from the syringe, thus preventing spills. The system saves valuable set up time by eliminating a need to open additional packages, drawing up air or assembling components.


EQUASHIELD® prevents vapor escape, plunger contamination and accidental pulling-out of the plunger, allowing for safe and full use of syringe volume (up to 60mL).

Time Saving

Studies illustrate our standout compounding efficiency. Fewer steps means reclaimed time.

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