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Automated Compounding
of Hazardous Drugs


Automated Compounding of Hazardous Drugs

A Game-Changing Approach to
Automated Drug Compounding

EQUASHIELD® Pro is changing the automated compounding industry in the same way that EQUASHIELD® revolutionized the CSTD standard. As a leader in the field, EQUASHIELD® Pro provides unprecedented safety, efficiency, and accuracy.


/Uses CSTD

The only automated compounder that uses CSTD from start to finish, to prevent any potential exposure to hazardous drug.

/Highly Versatile

Produces a wide range of patient-specific doses.

/Up to 70 Doses

Compounded per hour, the highest throughput on the market.

/Small Footprint

EQUASHIELD® Pro can fit into your existing pharmacy space.

The Future is Here. EQUASHIELD Pro Automated Compounding Robot of Hazardous Drugs.

Take a look inside

Clean & Precise
Compounding Process

EQUASHIELD® Pro has the built-in safety of the industry-leading closed transfer device system. This ensures the highest level of safety without any risk of exposure to leaks or vapors.
EQUASHIELD Pro Diluent IV bag stations
High throughput meeting your compounding needs during peak time, enabling you to optimize patient care without sacrificing resources.
EQUASHIELD Pro reconstitution station for lyophilized drugs

Dosage error protection uses EQUASHIELD®’s dose verification system to prevent drug error, dose mixing, and labeling errors during compounding.

Knowledge Base

For our EQUASHIELD® Pro customers, we have created an extensive knowledge base and support for every subject you will require during your work.

In the database you can find user manuals, training videos, tips, FAQs, and more.

EQUASHIELD Pro Digital Knowledge Base

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