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The only closed-back Syringe Unit on the market, protecting from rod plunger contamination and release of hazardous vapors from the back of the syringe.

Our Core
Components of Safety

Administration Solutions

The EQUASHIELD® equalizes pressure differentials via a dual needle design, enabling an efficient air to liquid exchange. The Syringe Unit contains sterile air that is drawn from the sealed air chamber at the back of the syringe, requiring no additional steps to equalize pressure.

The EQUASHIELD® Syringe Unit

EQUASHIELD® Syringe Units maintain a closed pressure equalization that prevents the escape of vapors and aerosols during compounding and administration. A unique dual-needle, air-to-liquid exchange system, combined with a closed-back sterile air chamber behind the syringe, ensures that pressure is equalized in a system throughout the hazardous drug handling process.

The Differences


Our fully self-contained Syringe Unit with a welded connector and closed back prevents the escape of vapors and aerosols into the environment.

Dry Disconnections

During disconnection, dual membranes prevent any contact between the drugs and the outer surface, leaving the contact area safe and free of drug residues.

Needle Safe

Needles remain fully shielded and safe from exposure at all times, preventing needle stick injuries as well as leaks, aerosols, or spills.


Unique Pressure Equalization

Preventing the Escape of Vapor

Unlike bulky balloon systems, EQUASHIELD® has streamlined the design by creating a unique closed internal equalization system which makes it sleek and easy to use.

EQUASHIELD® is a Barrier type CSTD which internally equalizes pressure differentials, using a unique encapsulated syringe containing a sterile air chamber and a dual needle design, enabling an air to liquid exchange. This unique system eliminates additional steps when equalizing pressure within the system.

To offset the pressure differential during withdrawal, the short needle draws medication out of the vial while the air needle replaces the liquid with an equal amount of air to maintain equilibrium. The sterile air is automatically drawn from the syringe’s sealed air chamber and injected into the vial. During reconstitution of lyophilized powder, the process is reversed; the short needle injects liquid into the vial, while the long air needle offsets overpressure by drawing toxic vapors into the air chamber at the back of the syringe. EQUASHIELD® ensures constant equilibrium.

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