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Protecting all of our users from exposure to hazardous drugs is our highest priority. EQUASHIELD® offers simple, fully-closed solutions to ensure staff and patient safety in both the compounding and administration of hazardous drugs.

Our CSTD is the Most Closed System on the Market

Protecting users from exposure to hazardous drugs shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why Equashield offers the simplest and safest Closed System Drug Transfer Device on the market.

The EQUASHIELD® Difference.

The only fully-closed proprietary syringe on the market providing superior safety over traditional open-back syringes.

An encapsulated plunger rod with built in pressure equalization prevents plunder rob contamination.

Our syringe's welded  connector prevents accidental disconnections.

Vapor contamination is  proven to be obsolete through clinical studies, providing staff and patients with peace of mind.

Dry disconnections provided by innovative hydrophobic membrane design eliminate contamination.

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Pharmacists experience the many benefits of an EQUASHIELD® closed system by utilizing a product clinically proven to prevent alternate routes of exposure. Using our fully-closed system is a simple process with minimal pieces required.
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Clinically proven in peer-reviewed studies to be a highly safe and effective CSTD, EQUASHIELD® protects against exposure to hazardous drugs, allowing nurses to care for their patients in a safe, clean environment.
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Promoting a clean environment safe from spills, vapors, and other hazardous drugs exposure is our top priority. With our innovative technology and state-of-the-art products, EQUASHIELD® makes safety simple.
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EQUASHIELD®'s range of proprietary products even offers protection to companion animals and the veterinarians who care for them.
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Assessing the Efficiency of CSTDs for Compounding

Ensuring the safe handling of hazardous drugs (HDs) must be a primary concern for every health care worker who comes into contact with these medications. Given the inherent risk involved in administrating hazardous drugs, a fully closed system provides healthcare workers with  protection and peace of mind.
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The EQUASHIELD® Syringe Unit is the only closed-back Syringe Unit that contains hazardous vapor within the unit itself vs. air-cleaning technology and/or open back syringes.


Starting with our seamlessly designed closed-back Syringe Unit with welded  connector, through our family of components that lock and spin, we provide highly secure compounding solutions. A unique design prevents accidental disconnections and eliminates the need to manually luer on a connector to a traditional open-back syringe.

Time Saving

Peer reviewed studies demonstrate efficiencies and time saving benefits achieved by user-friendly design and ergonomics. For example, our proprietary Syringe Unit is available in two 60 mL configurations, both allowing for full volume use, without repetitive steps or accidental disconnections.

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