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Our Mission

We're dedicated to providing simple, safe, and elegantly designed solutions for the handling of hazardous drugs throughout the medical industry.

Our CSTD is the Most Closed System on the Market

Equashield is a privately held medical device company with over 300 employees, providing state-of-the-art solutions for the safe handling of hazardous drugs.

EQUASHIELD® has committed itself to protecting healthcare workers from the risks associated with exposure to hazardous drugs and vapors.

Our compounding technologies are designed and manufactured
with extremely high levels of care, boasting both FDA approval and ONB code compliance.

Our North Stars



We lead the market in innovative solutions for drug compounding and administration, pushing the limits of what’s possible when it comes to protecting healthcare workers.


Healthcare workers’ safety is at the heart of EQUASHIELD®. Our organization strives to protect pharmacists, nurses, and those they care for.


EQUASHIELD® CSTD products and automated compounding robots offer some of the fastest and most efficient solutions on the market today.
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Safety backed by clinical studies

Our products are backed by peer-reviewed and independent clinical data.
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Drug compounding made simple

EQUASHIELD® products are simple and intuitive, saving valuable time during preparation and administration.
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Constantly innovating

Offering products for all user needs and challenging ourselves to dream bigger.

2000+ Clients Worldwide

We have clients in the most prestigious hospitals in the world who are eager to sing the praises of EQUASHIELD®.

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Assessing the Efficiency of CSTDs for Compounding

Ensuring the safe handling of hazardous drugs  must be a primary concern for every health care worker who comes into contact with these medications. Given the inherent risk involved in administrating hazardous drugs, a fully closed system provides healthcare workers with  protection and peace of mind.
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EQUASHIELD®  prevents more routes of exposure than alternative systems, using our closed-back Syringe Unit. It is FDA cleared under the ONB code for CSTDs. 


EQUASHIELD® prevents vapor escape, plunger contamination and accidental pulling-out of the plunger, allowing for safe and full use of syringe volume (up to 60mL).

Time Saving

Studies illustrate our standout compounding efficiency. Fewer steps means reclaimed time. 

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