Equashield to Showcase Award Winning CSTD for the Veterinary Market

Equashield to Showcase Award Winning Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD) for the Veterinary Market

Equashield will demonstrate its state-of-the-art CSTD to veterinary medicine and animal care at upcoming industry trade shows

PORT WASHINGTON, New York – May 21, 2019 — Equashield , a leading provider of Closed System Transfer Devices (CSTDs) for hazardous drugs, today announced that it will showcase its products, designed for the protection of medical professionals handling hazardous drugs, to the veterinary market in a series of upcoming veterinary market shows.

Veterinary medicine and animal care workers are at risk of exposure to many different chemical hazards including hazardous drugs. However, according to the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, only 19 percent of veterinary hospitals meet the safety standards outlined in USP 800, which outlines regulations for professionals handling hazardous drugs.

This concern was also raised by the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) in their 2019 agenda. Objective 14 specifically lists veterinary and animal care workers as a target audience that requires reform. In particular, NORA states that more knowledge about potential hazards as well as strategies to mitigate these risks must be implemented given that these dangers have changed over time.

Currently, staff in the veterinary industry use safety guidelines from The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). NIOSH recommends establishing a program to provide appropriate protective measures for veterinary healthcare workers exposed to hazardous drugs. Among these is the use of CSTDs throughout the hazardous drug-handling chain, from pharmaceutical compounding to patient dose administration. Although all CSTDs may not provide equal levels of protection, research shows that specific CSTDs, such as Equashield, can reduce hazardous drug contamination.

Other measures include wearing protective equipment, such as gloves and gowns and using a proper containment device when preparing drugs, for example a 100 percent vented biological safety cabinet.

“In their day-to-day professional lives, veterinary medicine and animal care workers can use several potentially dangerous chemical hazards and hazardous drugs,” explained Marino Kriheli, Co-Founder of Equashield. “Our CSTDs can help ensure that vapors from these chemicals and drugs do not escape, keeping staff safe so that they can help pets and animals recover from illnesses without fear of negative health outcomes.”

Equashield will be showcasing its products at the European Society of Veterinary Oncology Congress in Frankfurt, Germany, May 23-25, and in the United States at the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Forum in Phoenix, Arizona from 6-8 June, and Veterinary Cancer Society (VCS) in Houston, Texas from 17 – 19 October.


About Equashield

Equashield is a leading provider of manual and automated solutions for the compounding and administration of hazardous drugs. Equashield’s product suite includes EQUASHIELD II, its flagship Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD), and EQUASHIELD® Pro, the first ever closed system-enabled Automated Pharmacy Compounding System. Equashield’s CSTD is clinically-proven to protect healthcare professionals from hazardous drug exposure. EQUASHIELD II covers more routes of exposure than alternative systems and has passed the proposed 2015 alcohol vapor containment protocol from NIOSH, confirming that it can contain the harshest vapors & emissions. Studies have shown Equashield’s CSTD as faster to deploy and easier to use than competing systems. Used by hundreds of hospitals and clinics around the world, EQUASHIELD II is CE marked and substantiated by the FDA for preventing microbial ingress for up to seven days.

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