Equashield to Introduce Award-Winning Closed System Transfer Devices to The Netherlands

Equashield to Introduce Award-Winning Closed System Transfer Devices to The Netherlands

 For the First Time, Equashield Will Sell its Safety Products Directly to Healthcare Facilities in Europe, With Aagato Medical Supporting Logistics


PORT WASHINGTON, New York – October 7, 2019 – Equashield (, a leading provider of Closed System Transfer Devices (CSTDs) for hazardous drugs, announced today that it will introduce its manual and automated CSTD solutions to the Netherlands through direct sales channels. This is the first time that Equashield will sell directly within Europe.

Aagato Medical, which has served as Equashield’s exclusive distributor in Belgium and Luxembourg since 2017, will manage logistics for Equashield customers in The Netherlands, given the company’s expertise and track record in the region.

“We believe in taking a proactive approach when it comes to the safety of healthcare workers, including pharmacists and oncology nurses who work daily with hazardous drugs,” said Adi Shor, VP International Sales for Equashield.  “We will work closely with Dutch healthcare facilities as they progress towards full compliance with safety recommendations. We are confident that Aagato Medical will deliver exceptional on-the-ground logistical support to aid the successful deployment of the EQUASHIELD CSTD in this market.”

The European Policy Recommendation, “Preventing occupational exposure to cytotoxic and other hazardous drugs, European Policy Recommendations,” promotes the use of effective CSTDs as an important safety measure for healthcare professionals involved in the compounding and administration of hazardous drugs. As an EU member, the Netherlands is currently exploring ways to implement these safety measures to improve its hazardous drug handling safety practices in accordance with the European Policy Recommendations.

“Equashield’s products are the gold standard for protecting healthcare workers handling hazardous drugs and we are excited to support Equashield’s sales efforts in the region,” said Roel Geysen, CEO of Aagato Medical. “Equashield’s entry into The Netherlands provides further support to our goal of ensuring that CSTDs become standard practice across Europe for the safe handling of hazardous drugs.”

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About Equashield

Equashield is a leading provider of manual and automated solutions for the compounding and administration of hazardous drugs. Equashield’s product suite includes EQUASHIELD II, its flagship Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD), and EQUASHIELD® Pro, the first ever closed system-enabled Automated Pharmacy Compounding System. Equashield’s CSTD is clinically-proven to protect healthcare professionals from hazardous drug exposure. EQUASHIELD II covers more routes of exposure than alternative systems and has passed the proposed 2015 alcohol vapor containment protocol from NIOSH, confirming that it can contain the harshest vapors & emissions. Studies have shown Equashield’s CSTD as faster to deploy and easier to use than competing systems. Used by hundreds of hospitals and clinics around the world, EQUASHIELD II is CE marked and substantiated by the FDA for preventing microbial ingress for up to seven days.

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