A Game-Changing Approach To Automated Drug Compounding

EQUASHIELD® Pro is our proprietary automated compounding robot. Utilizing our CSTD and designed to complete your daily workload in one hour.

Individual hazardous drug doses are prepared with enhanced speed and accuracy, thereby preventing medication and dosage errors. EQUASHIELD® Pro uses advanced image processing and provides real-time analytics for the monitoring and management of dose preparation.

EQUASHIELD® Pro furthers the EQUASHIELD® mission to disrupt the compounding automation industry.
Doses per Hour,
Utilizing CSTDS
Utilizes the  EQUASHIELD® CSTD to ensure healthcare safety and USP <800> compliance
Simultaneous work stations
Syringe Unit storage capacity
Large Vial storage capacity
shakers with 2 Reconstitution Stations

EQUASHIELD® Pro Product Features


High Throughput

With up to 70 individual doses per hour, the EQUASHIELD® Pro optimizes your daily ability to safely and efficiently compound a high volume of doses. The EQUASHIELD® Pro streamlines the processes with its advanced image-processing and uses manufacturing line methodology with multiple simultaneous processes and work stations.

Uses CSTDs

The only compounding robot using CSTD to further protect health care workers from exposure to hazardous drugs and prevent microbial contamination.

Small Footprint

EQUASHIELD® Pro can fit into your existing pharmacy space .

Highly Versatile

Produces a wide range of patient-specific doses with syringes, IV bags, and other finished dose forms.

Dosage Error Protection

EQUASHIELD®'s proprietary dose verification system includes high-tech video recognition technology and ensures the accuracy of each dose to prevent incorrect drugs, dose mixing and labeling errors during compounding.

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Assessing the Efficiency of CSTDs for Compounding

Ensuring the safe handling of hazardous drugs  must be a primary concern for every health care worker who comes into contact with these medications. Given the inherent risk involved in administrating hazardous drugs, a fully closed system provides healthcare workers with  protection and peace of mind.
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EQUASHIELD®  prevents more routes of exposure than alternative systems, using our closed-back Syringe Unit. It is FDA cleared under the ONB code for CSTDs. 


EQUASHIELD® prevents vapor escape, plunger contamination and accidental pulling-out of the plunger, allowing for safe and full use of syringe volume (up to 60mL).

Time Saving

Studies illustrate our standout compounding efficiency. Fewer steps means reclaimed time.