Luer Lock Adaptors ( LL-1C )

Luer Lock Adaptor DC is ideal for connecting and safely transferring medication
between EQUASHIELD® Syringe Units, also known as the QS procedure. This adaptor makes transferring
between Syringe Units easy with fewer components to retrieve, open and assemble. The adaptor has
two access ports for EQUASHIELD® Syringe Units at nominal priming volume.

Luer Lock Adaptors

EQUASHIELD®’s Luer Lock Adaptors, LL-2 and LL-2S are secured onto a patient line for safe injection via an EQUASHIELD® Syringe Unit (SU) or safe infusion via an FC-1 or FC-1S. While LL-2 and LL-2S safely and securely attach to any standard luer lock access port, the LL-2 remains stationary, and the LL-2S spins freely when attached; both are designed for safe and secure administration of hazardous drugs.