Luer Lock Adaptor C

EQUASHIELD®s Catheter Adaptor is ideal for administering drugs using a Foley catheter for bladder instillation procedures. The LL-1C adaptor comes with a pre-bonded EQUASHIELD® Luer Lock Adaptor to a conical catheter adaptor, saving valuable setup time and preventing opportunities for accidental lure disconnections and spills.

Luer Lock Adaptors

EQUASHIELD®’s Luer Lock Adaptors, LL-2 and LL-2S are secured onto a patient line for safe injection via an EQUASHIELD® Syringe Unit (SU) or safe infusion via an FC-1 or FC-1S. While LL-2 and LL-2S safely and securely attach to any standard luer lock access port, the LL-2 remains stationary, and the LL-2S spins freely when attached; both are designed for safe and secure administration of hazardous drugs.

Female Connectors

EQUASHIELD®’s Female Luer Lock Connectors are designed to convert any standard luer lock port into a closed system connection for leak-free and dry disconnections while administering hazardous drugs. All EQUASHIELD® Female Luer Lock Connectors provide superior safety and security; however, FC-1S was designed to provide extra safety and security to your workflow with locking a swiveling technology. FC-1 and FC-1S provide a connection at the end of an IV line ensuring compliance during administration and reducing the risk of accidental disconnections.