IV Tubing Sets

EQUASHIELD®’s Tubing Sets were created to enhance workflow while maintaining a closed system. They contain EQUASHIELD®’s Spike Adaptor or Luer-Lock Adaptor integrated with a tubing set. These sets are designed to fit into any standard IV bag, enabling safe and efficient transfer of medication into the IV Bag. Considering variations among various IV Bag manufacturers and that no one IV port fits all bags, EQUASHIELD® produces two Secondary Sets, SA-1ST for regular ports and SA-1S for larger ports. These sets help optimize the time and cost of drug delivery via Secondary IV Infusion. LL-1Y is a Y-Site Tubing with EQUASHIELD® Luer Lock Adaptor, a female luer lock, a clamp, and a male luer lock with a vented cap.

Luer Lock Adaptor C

EQUASHIELD®s Catheter Adaptor is ideal for administering drugs using a Foley catheter for bladder instillation procedures. The LL-1C adaptor comes with a pre-bonded EQUASHIELD® Luer Lock Adaptor to a conical catheter adaptor, saving valuable setup time and preventing opportunities for accidental lure disconnections and spills.

Luer Lock Adaptors

EQUASHIELD®’s Luer Lock Adaptors, LL-2 and LL-2S are secured onto a patient line for safe injection via an EQUASHIELD® Syringe Unit (SU) or safe infusion via an FC-1 or FC-1S. While LL-2 and LL-2S safely and securely attach to any standard luer lock access port, the LL-2 remains stationary, and the LL-2S spins freely when attached; both are designed for safe and secure administration of hazardous drugs.

Female Connectors

EQUASHIELD®’s Female Luer Lock Connectors are designed to convert any standard luer lock port into a closed system connection for leak-free and dry disconnections while administering hazardous drugs. All EQUASHIELD® Female Luer Lock Connectors provide superior safety and security; however, FC-1S was designed to provide extra safety and security to your workflow with locking a swiveling technology. FC-1 and FC-1S provide a connection at the end of an IV line ensuring compliance during administration and reducing the risk of accidental disconnections.

Spike Adaptors

EQUASHIELD®’s Spike Adaptors are designed to firmly connect between any standard IV bag and tubing set, enabling the safe transfer of medication dose into the IV Bag. Considering variations among various IV Bag manufacturers, EQUASHIELD® produces two Spike Adaptors, SA-1T for regular ports and SA-1 for larger ports. The SA-W is designed for safe and cost-effective withdrawal of diluent for reconstitution with EQUASHIELD® Syringe Units (SU). SA-180 was designed to work in conjunction with FC-180 to cost-effectively administer multiple consecutive medications to a patient while maintaining a closed system.

Syringe Units

EQUASHIELD®’s fully encapsulated Syringe Units prevent the exposure to syringe plunger and barrel contamination caused by hazardous drug handling. The system is equipped with a built-in closed pressure equalization with sterile air. The connector is permanently bonded onto the syringe body preventing accidental disconnections and house shielded needles to prevent the risk of accidental needle sticks.