Enhanced Safety Without Compromising Efficiency

  • FDA ONB code cleared
  • CE certified for Europe
  • Substantiated to prevent microbial ingress; up to 10x accesses for up to seven days
  • Fully encapsulated plunger rod prevents disconnections and allows the use of the full volume of the Syringe Unit
  • Proven leak-free disconnects
  • Proven to contain vapor
  • Ease of use – prepare a dose in under 40 seconds
A Man in blue over coat working in EquaShield


The EQUASHIELD® Syringe Unit is the only closed-back Syringe Unit that contains hazardous vapor within the unit itself vs. air-cleaning technology and/or open back syringes that allow contaminated vapor escape.


Starting with our seamlessly designed closed-back Syringe Unit with welded connector, through our family of components that lock and spin, we provide highly secure compounding solutions. A unique design prevents accidental disconnections and eliminates the need to manually luer on a connector to a traditional open-back syringe.

Time Saving

Peer-reviewed studies demonstrate efficiencies and time saving benefits achieved by user-friendly design and ergonomics. For example, our proprietary Syringe Unit is available in two 60 mL configurations, both allowing for full volume use, without repetitive steps or accidental disconnections.

EQUASHIELD® is a technology leader. We set the industry bar on quality, easy of use, safety, and efficiency.

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