“We strive to provide superior and innovative solutions

for the protection of health care workers throughout the world”




Equashield is a privately held medical device company with over 300 employees providing a state-of-the-art Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD) for the safe handling of hazardous drugs. Dedicated to providing a simple and elegant design that is also unprecedented in safety and ease-of-use, Equashield has committed itself to protecting healthcare workers from the risks associated with exposure to hazardous drugs and vapors. As such, the Equashield team has created a proprietary family of products for the safe handling of hazardous drugs to extend from the compounding in pharmacy to the administration in nursing. Product portfolio includes a wide array of closed syringes and adapters for accessing vials and IV bags in pharmacy as well as a selection of connectors and tubing sets for nursing.





Our products are CE marked and FDA cleared under the ONB code for “Closed Antineoplastic and Hazardous Drug Reconstitution and Transfer Systems.” Equashield complies with the strictest regulatory requirements and passed the NIOSH “Alcohol Vapor Containment Performance Test”. Our ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified production facility is equipped with 32,300 sq. ft. (3,000 m2) ISO-8 (100,000) class cleanroom and is in compliance with the U.S. Good Manufacturing Practices. The highly automated in-house production consists of multidisciplinary processes from injection molding to extrusion, ultrasonic forming, laser and UV bonding and blister packaging.



Equashield employs a direct sales force and provides extensive in-house services to customers in the United States. Local support is readily accessible to over thousand of hospital facilities within United States through our local logistic center located in Port Washington, New York. Outside the US, Equashield services customers in 5 continents with its rapidly growing international distributor network. By designing and producing innovative products that exemplify our credo along with commitment to safety and simplicity, Equashield is creating an environment where medical professionals have the confidence to serve others without compromising their own safety and health.